My Story

Imagine being able to burn fat whilst you sleep. Imagine having the tools and knowledge to transform your body into what you’ve always wanted. This is why I started training and why I have dedicated the past 9 years of my life to working in health and fitness. From training my friends in their backyards and dusty old gym sheds, to working in large cooperate gyms and having a successful fitness business. I have been lucky enough to meet great people along the way and I continue to look forward to waking up at 4am everyday and coming to train my amazing clients.

No Pressure,
No Diamonds

Most programs have a high attrition rate because trainees have a hard time developing the habits necessary to stick with it. It isn’t easy to train the body, eat clean, and live the holistic lifestyle necessary while simultaneously balancing work, stress, and our fast-paced society. It’s a lot. It takes time to develop the habits that are necessary for long-term success. Research shows that it takes 21 days of effort to make a habit stick… at the minimum! It can take as much as 6 months for some people.

Overall, your results will come from top notch nutrition, recovery, and rest habits. Drop the all or nothing mentality. If you miss a few days, weeks or months, that’s OK, just focus on the NOW and get your ass back in the gym!

The only thing that matters is now.

Get working now!

Our Motivation

Make exercise mean something to you. For most people, exercise is a means to an end—a way to lose weight and get that perfect body. Future goals are nice, but there’s another part to the equation that, when missing, makes exercise hard to stick to—purpose. In other words, your workouts need to have value, regardless of whether you ever reach your desired goal. Always working for some future, the intangible thing isn’t enough—we need it to mean something now. That’s the secret.

So, what does exercise mean to you besides a way to lose weight? Is there any value, outside of your weight loss goals, to working out? For me, exercise is a way to reduce stress and keep my energy up. For you, exercise might be the only time you get to yourself each day. Find you’re own value and meaning and you’ll find your motivation.

Monthly Quote

 “Fitness is not about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you used to be.”