Success Fitness

Channelle White

Well done to Channelle on these amazing before and after pictures only 6 weeks apart. Channelle has been strength training 4x a week and following a balanced meal plan, with great success. She has managed to stay motivated and focused every time she enters the gym. So proud to have her onboard the Senic Fitness Team. Great work Channelle.

Ari Chakrabarti

Ari has been a long term member of Senic fitness and it’s been a pleasure to watch him achieve some great results during his fitness journey. Ari recently won the 12 week transformation challenge after successfully dropping 7kg of bodyfat and building some quality lean muscle in the process. Looking forward to another great year with Ari.

Kerry Orlando

What a great result for Kerry Orlando and her amazing wedding day. Kerry successfully dropped bodyfat whilst maintaining muscle mass through her commitment to her training and nutrition. Her results continue to motivate others. Was an honour to train Kerry for her wedding and get her in the best shape of her life. We hope to one day see more people achieve such great results leading up to their big day.

Jeremy Ludwig

Jeremy holds our current weight loss record at an amazing 60kg. What a journey it has been. Jeremy has been consistently strength training 3x week and his body is changing by the week. Having followed his nutrition plan, Jeremy has made some very successful health and lifestyle changes that have seen him achieve what many consider impossible.

Kieran Caulfield

This young man always seemed to change every time he stepped into the gym. Staying consistent with this diet and always making time for the gym, Kieran was able to fully commit to his goals. We are very proud of his amazing transformation.

Hayden Bristow

Another long term member of Senic fitness. It has been a pleasure to work with Hayden for over 3 years now and build a great friendship. Hayden also competed in our 12 week transformation challenge and came runner-up with some great results. We look forward to another great year with having Hayden onboard.

Ihab Husseini

Ihab is one of our male challenge winners. His amazing results include losing over 10kg of fat and building over 5kg of muscle during that time. His lifts in the gym increased greatly on a week to week basis and his health improved dramatically. It was great to see him and his beautiful family enjoying his success at our presentations night.

Jenna Murray

Another female winner of our 12 week transformation challenges. Jenna produced some great before and after photos and her fitness greatly improved during her fitness journey. Her great results also inspired her partner to jump on board as well and it’s been great to have them both working hard towards their goals.

Deborah Temaari

A long term member of Senic fitness, Deb came 1st in one our most recent challenges. Deb’s before and after photos are truly amazing and she has inspired many people to strive for great results. Its always a pleasure to train with Deb, who always enters the gym with a great smile and attitude. We hope to see more of her in the coming years.


Vlajko came to us after undergoing knee surgery and had the goals of losing weight
as well as strengthing his legs. Vlajko managed to smash both those goals as he
was able to lose over 10kg of unwanted bodyfat and also work on his lower body rehabilitation. Great Effort Vlajko.

Adam Raines

Adam joined Senic looking to take his body to that next level. Our goals were to lean out across the midsection and develop more muscle size around the arms. Not only did Adam smash his two goals he also made some great visible gains across the chest and back.

Working full time and also being a competitive football player Adam has always found the time to focus on his nutrition and meal prep. Adam continues to get things done and he has the work ethic to take his body to a whole new level.