Build Lean Muscle

Discover how to build quality lean muscle in under 6 weeks with our custom designed strength training programs designed for muscle gain or fat burning! Transform your body into the physique you’ve always wanted with the help of a one-on-one professional fitness coach and nutrition coach.

Burn Unwanted Bodyfat

Need a weight loss coach? Drop those unwanted layers of fat and discover a brand-new lifestyle that promotes confidence and well-being. Summer is always around the corner, let’s get you started with a personal trainer and fitness coach.

Nutrition That Works For You

Have a custom designed fat burning meal plan that includes all the foods you like to eat, and ensures you look forward to everyday along your journey. Learn how to become a master of meal prep and nutrition tracking with the help of your weight loss trainer and professional fitness coach.


Reena Zu

Reena came to us with the goal of building a leaner and more toned physique. With a combination of strength training and circuit based training she was able to see results right from the start. Working closely with Reena on her nutrition as per her request, we developed a personal vegetarian based meal plan and ensured she received enough protein intake to build the physique she has always wanted.

Ari Chakrabarti

Ari has been a long term member of Senic fitness and it’s been a pleasure to watch him achieve some great results during his fitness journey. Ari recently won the 12 week transformation challenge after successfully dropping 7kg of bodyfat and building some quality lean muscle in the process. Looking forward to another great year with Ari.

Our Mission

At Senic Fitness we are on a mission to train, educate and empower others through professional personal training. To get you to your dream physique in a way that is sustainable and enjoyable. We love when our clients look forward to their personal training and nutrition. Seeing our clients improve on a week to week basis is what makes our job the best in the world.

Our Specialty

Our Body Transformation Challenges are normally run for periods of 6-8 weeks by a personal trainer and weight loss trainer. During this time, we will work closely with you on your nutrition and training to ensure you are pleased with your progress. Visible results can be expected within 2 weeks and by the end of your challenge you will have some amazing before and after photos to keep you motivated.

Start Today,
Not Tomorrow

There isn’t a single thing in this world that’s made better by starting tomorrow. Everything you care about, everything you are about, needs to begin today or it may never happen. If you don’t want to do it now, you clearly don’t want it bad enough.

Muscle gain and fat loss requires courage and perseverance. That’s why most people simply talk about it, but never do it. But, starting is necessary. It’s crucial to making your mark and leaving a legacy.